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Our clients journey to financial freedom

BY Morag

I was referred to Sam Adigrati at a period of my life when my finances were a mess.  Had left a marriage with a massive amount of debt, the largest from a hedge fund that had triggered to cash. I had been trying unsuccessfully for 4 years to settle with my ex-husband.

At the time I met him I had nearly finished paying of the hedge fund and I finally had some hope of settlement. Sam saw me at no cost initially, giving me annual financial goals. We began creating a plan, this gave me hope for the future. I was no stranger to working hard at that time. Sam listened to my goals for the future and set me targets in different financial areas. It gave me targets which I broke down to weekly/ monthly goals.  Each year we assessed my progress, reset my goals.

When I finally settled a few years later I had managed to pay down all the hedge fund debt and was no longer struggling each pay. We again assessed my needs and were able to look more realistically at what I would need. I had very little superannuation and 2 mortgages. He was patient and set goals again for what I would need to have a self-managed superannuation. He showed me what I would need on retirement to be comfortable.

We were both surprised when we hit that goal ahead of target at the end on the year. I am now well on track to be comfortable in retirement. The growth strategy he set in motion, supported by Will Stjepovic has really panned out and we are on track even after big losses at the start of covid.

My financial future feels more secure, and I can look forward to a retirement where I can travel and enjoy the lifestyle I enjoy. I am grateful every day for the initial referral, I would recommend Vostro to anyone who wanted to prosper and manage their wealth for the future. I am not so on time with the goals I am set at this time. However, I always fine Sam patient and on point with his suggestions.

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